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Hand painted and finely gilded in an understated Georgian style and emphasizing the whiteness of the Bone China body, at the time superior to that of any English competitor. The pattern number, , dates from around , indicating that the piece was decorated some years after its manufacture. Dessert plate in Bone China c A spectacular effect is achieved with just two ground-laid colours iron red and cobalt blue and gilding.

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By Patricia Samford Defining Attributes ftn1 over the years, as well as to the Chinese port of that name which is known today as Guangzhou Madsen For the purposes of this identification and dating essay, the term is used only to refer to late 18th- to early 20th- century blue and white Chinese porcelains, created for the North American export market. Canton porcelains are typically characterized by several variants of a border pattern consisting of a band of blue containing a crisscrossed lattice in a heavier blue, with an inner border of scallops or swags Figure 1a.

A second border pattern Figure 1b , consisting of two parallel bands of diagonal lines that meet at an angle Herbert and Schiffer Also characteristic of Canton porcelain is a fairly generic landscape design that features a building or pavilion, a bridge, willow trees, a river or stream, boats and distant mountains. Canton border variant using two parallel rows of diagonal lines.

Chronology Prior to the American Revolution, Chinese porcelains arrived in the American colonies after having been shipped through England or Holland. But after the Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War, North America began trading directly with China, importing large quantities of blue and white Canton Palmer As it became more affordable in the nineteenth century, Canton porcelain became more common on the tables of families of a widening range of economic levels.

How to Date Old Japanese Blue & White Porcelain

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Blue Willow China is delicate, classic and tells a mythical love story. The Blue Willow pattern is a blue-and-white transfer design that features a collection of engraved drawings that illustrate a Chinese fable about two lovers from different stations in life.

The periods of Chinese Buddhist art closely parallel the phases the Buddhist religion was going through in China. Works that appeared in the 5th and 6th centuries were very free and individualistic. In the Tang period the art became more mature and robust, with Buddhist figures featuring graceful lines and curves. In the 10th to 13th century it became more refined. After that it was rooted in tradition and lacked innovation.

Buddhists filled caves throughout China with sculptures and murals. In the cliffs of the Tian Shan mountains in the Kumtura and Kizil regions of Xinjiang province in western China, for example, there are hundreds of caves adorned with Buddhist painting that date as far back as the A. Scholars believe the paintings — many depicting episodes from the lives of the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, painted using paint made from ground minerals such as malachite for green and iron oxide for red — were commissioned by lay people and painted by local artists Patricia Buckley Ebrey of the University of Washington wrote: The earliest Buddhist images in China owed much to traditions developed in Central Asia, but over time Chinese artists developed their own styles.

Here we look separately at the evolution of the different divine beings in the Buddhist pantheon, then look briefly at groupings of deities. Patricia Buckley Ebrey, University of Washington, depts. Buddhism Introduction to Buddhism webspace. Good Websites and Sources on Religion in China:

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Snowflake Table Runner Dating back hundreds of years, the pattern has long been favored by designers for the distinctive touch it brings to china. It is most commonly seen on elegant dishes, platters and bowls, to name but a few. It isn’t merely relegated to fancy occasions, though; on the contrary, the blue willow pattern is commonly found in dining areas all over the world at any time of day. Reasonably priced dinnerware sets depicting this timeless design are widely available.

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Wujing Zongyao , Four Great Inventions , List of Chinese inventions , and Heilongjiang hand cannon Based on a 9th-century Taoist text, the invention of gunpowder by Chinese alchemists was likely an accidental byproduct from experiments seeking to create elixir of life. In the following centuries various gunpowder weapons such as bombs , fire lances , and the gun appeared in China. A slow match for flame throwing mechanisms using the siphon principle and for fireworks and rockets is mentioned.

However by the Song court was producing hundreds of thousands of fire arrows for their garrisons. The first proto-guns, known as “fire lances”, were first recorded to have been used at the siege of De’an in by Song forces against the Jin. By some fire lances were firing wads of bullets. From the Huolongjing ca. The oldest known depiction of rocket arrows, from the Huolongjing. The right arrow reads ‘fire arrow,’ the middle is an ‘arrow frame in the shape of a dragon,’ and the left is a ‘complete fire arrow.

Considered to be a pseudo-explosive. The top item is a through awl and the bottom one is a hook awl. A fire lance as depicted in the Huolongjing ca.

Gaston’s Blue Willow: identification & value guide, 3rd Edition

Stone-paste dish with grape design, Iznik , Turkey , Chinese blue and white ware became extremely popular in the Middle-East from the 14th century, where both Chinese and Islamic types coexisted. Chinese designs were extremely influential with the pottery manufacturers at Iznik , Turkey. The Ming “grape” design in particular was highly popular and was extensively reproduced under the Ottoman Empire.

The willow pattern has been made by hundreds of companies in dozens of countries, and in colors from the most-seen blue, to red, green, gold, yellow, purple, black, brown, multicolored and .

Share shares First proving her musical talents with a number of heartfelt ballads, which she softly strummed on the instrument, she later upped the excitement of her set by dancing and storming around the stage as belted out her bigger hits. Known for her sense of style as much as her songs, Willow ensured she looked typically trendy for her performance in a stylish mini dress. The actress and singer, 16, looked casually trendy in a checked green mini dress and black tights as she belted out a number of hits to the crowd, with her guitar in hand The singer opted for a preppy green plaid shift frock, which she made grungier with chunky black biker boots.

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The star appeared completely immersed in her music as she belted out a number of tracks to the crowd, which she impressively played on a green electric guitar Willow shot to fame in following her debut single Whip My Hair, which peaked at number two on the UK chart. She went on to release her first album in , although the record failed to garner the same success.

Making a comeback however, she most recently dropped a new acoustic song title Earth’s Children, inspired by author Jean M. Auel’s novel of the same name, and has played at a number of festivals in the States this year. Plaid’s how to do it: Known for her sense of style as much as her songs, Willow ensured she looked typically trendy for her performance in a stylish mini dress Yet despite her blossoming career in music, Willow has previously hinted that she does not want to be in the spotlight for much longer.

When asked where she saw herself in ten years’ time, the teen told Interview magazine last year:

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For other uses, see Blue and white disambiguation. Early Jingdezhen Blue and white porcelain those produced from the Yuan – early Ming periods utilized imported cobalt from the Middle East, a material that was relatively difficult for potters to refine and control, resulting in the ‘heap and pile’ appearance of this vase’s painted underglaze decorations. Blue and white porcelain-ware with a depiction of a Chinese dragon from the late Ming dynasty “Blue and white pottery” Chinese: The decoration is commonly applied by hand, originally by brush painting, but nowadays by stencilling or by transfer-printing , though other methods of application have also been used.

Dating specific Blue Willow pieces is extremely difficult. There are many factors in doing so, due to the subjects that make up the pattern. Such as, the number of orange trees, the number of people, the shape of the bridges and buildings, and the number and size of the birds.

Contact Author Source Why do people collect plates? Let’s face it, most of us do in one way or another. We use plates every day, for simple family meals, or for special occasions, and holidays. But some of us have a few more plates than necessary or practical. The true allure of collecting dishware is that some people just love it.

We love the design, the color, or the pattern. Old plates have a secret history, a silent backstory of conversations over tea; plates hauled across oceans, or bought when a family moved up the socioeconomic ladder and were suddenly able to afford pretty instead of merely useful. We’ve picked up dishware at flea markets or yard sales, eyes caught by the simple beauty of an every day article made remarkable by color or shape.

Sure, some folks purchased collector plates from, say, the Franklin Mint or other sources that once presented plates as an investment. Sadly, for those folks, the “investment” did not hold its value. Few of these types of plates hold any value at all unless you own the complete set. The discovery of kaolin clay made it possible to fire dishware at high temperatures – degrees Fahrenheit creating a brilliant white product. When Marco Polo returned from the Far East in , he brought ceramic dishes he called “porcella,” comparing them to delicate sea shells.

The word “porcelain” is derived from “porcella.

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The guqin is a plucked seven-string instrument as can be seen in the painting at the left. Bo Ya was amazed by the woodcutter’s deep understanding of the music and the two quickly became close friends. Bo Ya needed to continue his journey home but before leaving his new friend he promised to return in one year. As promised, Bo Ya returned the next year only to discover that his friend had died. Bo Ya was deeply saddened by the news and immediately went to burn incense at the woodcutter’s grave.

He also played “High Mountain” and “Flowing Water” on his guqin in honor of his friend.

Blue Willow, specifically gold-rimmed pieces coming from Gilman Collamore, New York, was the china of choice at William Randolph Hearst’s “La Cuesta Encantada” estate in San Simeon, California, being Hearst’s mother’s favorite pattern.

Korean 83, Imported Total admissions: They are listed in the order of their release. Feathers in the Wind Sometimes small-scale, informal projects can liberate a director. Without the pressure and weighty expectations involved in producing a major work, inspiration flows freely and the result is an even more accomplished piece of art. This may have been what happened with Git by Song Il-gon, the director of Flower Island , Spider Forest , and various award-winning short films including The Picnic Git was originally commissioned as a minute segment of the digital omnibus film 1.

Identifying Blue Willow China

Typical Blue Willow background in the center with some type of border White background and then blue border around square tops Two Temples I Center Pattern Typical Blue Willow characteristics Reversed, meaning houses are more to the left than the right Darker blue hues Typical characteristics of Blue Willow Red color instead of blue Considered rare These are not the only patterns available in Blue Willow, but they are the most common and recognizable.

If you are interested in finding out about every pattern option, consider purchasing a Blue Willow reference book. What to Look for in Blue Willow When searching for Blue Willow china to add to your collection or to start a collection or find replacement china , it is important to ensure the piece is not broken.

A history of the Blue Willow pattern begins the book with descriptions of the many border and center patterns of this china. Dating Blue Willow and collecting Blue /5(13).

Tweet on Twitter Most of us have seen the distinct Blue Willow china pattern lining a shelf or two in our homes growing up. The beautiful blend of blue and white porcelain has been a staple for families since the s, but how much do you know about the classic dishes? There have been a lot of myths and misconceptions about their background over the years, so I decided to get to the truth of the matter. Along the way, I uncovered more surprising facts about the Blue Willow design than I expected.

Do you know someone who collects these pieces? The Romantic Story Behind The Design Is A Lie As you probably guessed, considering the European roots, there is no truth to the scene depicting a classic Chinese folklore about a young couple eloping and transforming into willows. They Inspired An Opera Despite the fictional foundation of the so-called folklore, the tale was translated into an opera called The Willow Pattern in — and later a silent film called Story of the Willow Pattern in In truth, they are images of the Chinese pine tree.

They Come In Other Colors Blue has always been the most popular shade, but they have also come in pink, green, brown, and even combinations of all of the above. The initial meet-up was in Cincinnati, and the convention is scheduled to happen in Atlanta. Of course, it depends on the quality and ability to authenticate whether they are genuine or not. Did you learn something new about the classic china?

How to Collect Flow Blue China : How to Identify Patterns of Flow Blue China