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And why were the paparazzi put these photos together with the provocative caption showing they are doing it at that moment? And for good reason, as the shocking pictures showed Kai and Krystal allegedly kissing in a swimming pool at Geordie shore online dating C hotel in Gangneung. The small photo was taken when Taeyeon arrived and the big photo was taken when Taeyeon was going to leave. Here is the logic: Minention din ni noona sa wakas ang name ko!! Nakakalungkot—hindi campground cable tv hookup naman kasi ako makakatabi ni Dara. Girl I gotta make you mine tonight Ma lady, I want to play with you Come closer, I want to hug you tight The mood is just right, will you close your eyes? Now, your question is maybe… then when were the photos in those two circles taken? Relationship Timeline Taeyang is dating Baekhyun? Those are the screenshots from JYJ3.

Chanyeol and baekhyun dating

Oh ya, Kali ini FFnya bakalan berbeda tiap chapternya. Entar ada chapter yang special editionnya, kayak couple WGM gitu.. Taeyeon menatap sengit Baekhyun. Baekhyun duduk tepat disebelah Taeyeon yang sudah memangku tas ransel besarnya agar ia bisa duduk lebih leluasa. Taeyeon memeluk erat tasnya seolah ia ingin menutupi apa saja isi didalam tasnya. Betapa terkejutnya Baekhyun saat melihat isi tas Taeyeon yang dipenuhi oleh makanan ringan dan ada beberapa helai pakaian.

Some fans have expressed disappointment after hearing an official confirmation from the agency that Baekhyun’s alleged relationship with Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation was TRUE. Their relationship had been speculated on after seeing the couple post pictures donning pair .

Now I need to keep you inside my drawer forever But can I take you out sometimes? There was a hickey visible right at the collar of his shirt, where Chanyeol had sucked the bruise into his skin this morning, and he looked positively beautiful like that. Chanyeol found himself only slightly surprised as he realised how he was only falling in love over and over again every time he watched him.

They were waiting for their ride back to the dome for their final concert that night, but for now they still got to sit here blissfully unaware of the outside world. It would likely be a mess of a day, with emotions all over the place and Chanyeol having to focus on actually performing rather than kissing Baekhyun. Thankfully it was only one more night. Chanyeol hadn’t looked at the screen of his phone yet, but judging from the way it had been continuously buzzing in his hand he knew his was getting flooded with messages as well, “well, it is to be expected when two big names in the entertainment business get engaged.

The way your eyes just sparkled when you realised what happened, with your smile so radiant, it was truly magic.

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Because is just so overused. And seem a little not enough. So, here are facts about EXO.

Jun 19,  · SM confirms Taeyeon and Baekhyun are dating Thursday, June 19, baekhyun, exo, snsd, taeyeon No comments Article: SM “Taeyeon-Baekhyun, close friends with recently developed interests in each other” confirms datingAuthor: Netizen Buzz.

If you want to be friends with her, fine. But just be friends for like, a month. You always rush into it and it ends up falling apart. He still occupies a semi-permanent spot at the foot of her bed, which is where he is now, incidentally, scrolling through the web, seeing if any other break-up testimonials feel as weirdly comfortable as his does. Fuk her —My ex is telling all our friends that I suck dick like a drunk flounder. What does that even mean?


You wake up in the middle of the night to find that you both have move positions so that Baekhyun is laid on top of you with his limbs caging you in, his face in the crook of your neck with his breath tickling your neck. As usual you find yourself looking for an empty table in the cafeteria, various people push past you to reach their friend. Someone pushes your shoulder so hard that you stumble and almost drop your tray but someone catches you before you lose your balance completely.

This sparks your interest. You look up to find Baekhyun with Taeyeon close behind him. You feel Chanyeol shift slightly beside you, feeling the air around you change instantly.

Baekhyun never disclosed which is his favorite dating situation, but he did go to a lot of dates with former girlfriend Taeyeon. The two often saw each other late at night or early in the morning, because their busy schedule does not allow them to meet at any other time.

Pada Awalnya, saya tidak tidak mempercayai satupun foto tersebut. Aku langsung pulang ke rumah. Aku melihat folder EXO di laptopku dan menangis. Ini menyakitkan, tetapi aku tidak mengetahui mengapa aku merasa seperti itu. Aku sangat menyukai SNSD. Ini menandakan Aku tidak seharusnya membencinya. Dan itu benar; aku tidak merasa seperti itu. Tetapi, memngapa aku menangis?

Hal itu terjadi selama 2 hari.

SM Confirms that SNSD′s Taeyeon and EXO′s Baek Hyun are Dating

You turned around quick and pointed a finger at him. You want to know what my problem is?! You watched your boyfriend flinch at your sudden loud voice before he yelled right back at you.

Taeyeon Baekhyun Taeyeon apologize Taeyeon Baekhyun dating Taeyeon airport Taeyeon cry SNSD Taeyeon. 8 notes. Reblog. SM ain’t even pull this shit when Baekhyun and Taeyeon dated for a hot minute and the fandom imploded. Weak asses The kiss looks awkward, if it’s even happening. She’s holding his face and tilting her head nearly.

Today is a wonderful day. Because I got 12 hours sleep so that alone takes up a large slice of the pie of happiness. So far, has been a wonderful year of Kpop. Yoona and Seunggi in the beginning of the year, Baekhyun and Taeyeon at the middle of the year. Congrats, Baekhyun, on your achievement! Although I have no fucking idea what happened, most likely it went something like this: Orz But in terms of popularity and revenue, this was probably not the best move. EXO is already in hot water because of this Kris controversy as well as their inability to produce sound during live performances.

Baekhyun is, after all, one of the most popular members of the group. Seohyun, although popular, never really had the “attract guys” factor going on. SNSD popularity won’t be that affected because most fans are girls anyway and the Taeny shit oh I mean ship died already.


Rumor abekhyun it, yes! Netizens find evidence of the two K-Pop Idols’ rekindled love. Netizens debate whether Baekhyun and Taeyeon are and GD are dating taeyeon and baekhyun dating again Vating think that Taeyeon and Baekhyun are still be crazy enough to date again? They say rejoice once again shippers, because after the Rain comes a beautiful. Rumor taeyeon and baekhyun dating again it, yes! Lucky taeyeon and baekhyun dating again us, is also ring-full of u pairings.

Baekhyun told all the stories that happened between me and him to all his cousins and Tiffany. Yoona wasn’t here because she was having a meeting somewhere. He also finally told all .

When did Taeyeon and Baekhyun start dating? They first met in It was when SM took Baekhyun in as a trainee, and it is then when they started developing their friendship. They started liking each other last year, and they started their relationship in February. What do they like about each other? Baekhyun was a fan of Taeyeon ever since he was a trainee. Taeyeon noticed Baekhyun the most out of the other EXO members.

She liked his cute appearance and his perseverance. Taeyeon would look after Baekhyun when he would practice until early in the morning. What are their similarities? Baekhyun has been a trainee for 7 months. He realized he was lacking in many ways compared to the other members. Baekhyun leaned on Taeyeon, and Taeyeon supported him.

Baekhyun (EXO) Profile and Facts; Baekhyun’s Ideal Type

Snsd taeyeon and exo baekhyun dating news These couples are not only meant for each other, but their snse are stunning af! They filmed this before the dating scandal was snsd taeyeon and exo baekhyun dating news. I hope that my sincere feeling gets to you. Yes, it’s not his fault if love knocked on his door earlier than expected. However, I really wanted to tawyeon my sincere feelings so I’m writing these words.

Kim Tae-yeon (born March 9, ), more commonly known mononymously as Taeyeon, is a South Korean singer. She had been a trainee at SM Entertainment ‘s Starlight Academy during her middle school years before debuting as a member of the agency’s girl group, Girls’ Generation, in

G-Dragon And Taeyeon Dating? G-Dragon and Taeyeon strengthen dating rumors! Are they really romantically involved? G-Dragon and Taeyeon dating rumors has started to swirl around the web once again, giving KPop fans another headache, thinking if they are indeed romantically involved. It has been a year since the Hallyu stars are linked to each other this was after multiple signs coming ouot that GD and Taeyeon might not only be colleagues in the music industry.

According to Koreaboo , there were reports that a top female and a top male star in the KPop world are currently dating. Though there were piled of speculations, the strongest one is about GD and Taeyeon. Many fans have already speculated that the two singers are in a secret relationship but then again, there are still fans who think that these reports are bogus. However, come to think of it, if these claims are true, could this be the reason why Mizuhara and GD parted ways?

Mizuhara has always been linked to GD even before Taeyeon come to the picture. Though Mizuhara and GD never confirmed anything, reasons behind their alleged breakup are still kept hidden from the public. Now, as time goes by, since GD revealed that he is single and Taeyeon alredy broken up with EXO member Baekhyun , the two are once again linked to each other after they posted a similar image and wore similar accessories which are a big deal in Korea when it comes to declaring a relationship.

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