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A week ago, I made the “Infinite Dating Door Game” , in which you could choose one of seven stuffed animals your crush would win for you at the amusement park. Well, here are the results! Did you choose the green giraffe? Then Dongwoo is your date! Because green is his favorite color and if he resembeled an animal, he said one of those animals would be a giraffe! Did you choose the purple ape?

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Secretary Gil in Cunning Single Lady. Yoo Tan lead role in One More Time. Cameo in Adolescence Medley.

Infinite sunggyu dating – How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Find single woman in the US with mutual relations. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. Men looking for a woman – Women looking for a man.

It has recently been announced that Sunggyu and Woohyun of rookie group Infinite will appear on the upcoming episode. If you aren’t familiar with this show, the show essentially centers around a blind date between a celebrity and an average Joe, or in this case, a Jane. Previously on the show, two celebrities have battled it out to win over one girl’s heart. However this time around, the producers of the show decided to try something different and double-cast the average girlfriends instead.

Because of this new format, the upcoming episode is attracting a lot of attention from fans. In this upcoming episode, both Sunggyu and Woohyun, along with their girlfriends, go on an island date. In preparation for this date, Woohyun skipped breakfast to make his girlfriend a sandwich while Sunggyu teased him, although he himself did not pack anything. In addition, this episode will show other situations in which the two fight over the girls, but do keep in mind that it’s all for entertainment.

In regards to the show, Woohyun stated, “Since I haven’t had a girlfriend since my trainee days, I feel very nervous Girlfriends are like vitamins. When times get hard, they give you a lot of strength so they are good.

INFINITE – Light (SungGyu Solo)

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Although not considered a dating scandal, Apink also has a rumor that revolves around the boy group EXO. On December , the audio record of Apink and EXO’s online game conversation circulated online. It started when a post was uploaded with an audio file and a message that said the audio was a recording of an inappropriate conversation.

Tired of being just a friend, Woohyun is desperate for Sunggyu to just notice his feelings. Luckily he has his members, and most importantly, Hoya by his side to help him heal. Mainly the big three pairings; Woogyu, Myungyeol, and Yadong. I’ll look at other pairings by request, and fics I review outside of the big three can be found under the OT7 fic rec masterlist. I also share inspirit fanart, quotes from my favorite stories, and infinite photos. So no pics or gifs are mine!

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L (South Korean singer)

Jan 04 9: Infinite is my favourite kpop band now and forever I don’t know how could you that left Infinite and Inspirit Infinite’s comeback is near.. I don’t wanna watch it without our Dancing Machine If it really a contract problem, please join again to woollim ent and Infinite..

Infinite is a K-pop group under Woollim Entertainment. The group was formed in and is composed of Dongwoo, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Sungyeol, Hoya, Sungjong and L. The group’s New Challenge album was one of the top selling albums in which sold over , copies.

June 10, on Mnet’s “M! Friday L oppa, kau dahlah hensem and takde buat plastic surgery, natural cute lah. Instagram Kim Doyeon admits she did date Myungsoo. Infinite l dating doyeon instagram Getting married to his civil servant girlfriend on 23 April New Document Do Yeon has since refuted that claim, posting a long explanation on her Twitter today Nov Lee Sun Mi Instagram: L’s dating Kim Do Yeon? Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Okay first of all I hate the fact that idols dating is considered a scandal.

Infinite l dating doyeon instagram prayforsouthkorea “. Reply Sulli dating choiza is ridiculous but L dating doyeon is possible..


Member 29, posts Posted 28 August – Rant ahead Spoiler It was no one’s business who he was dating, your opinion of the girl doesn’t matter, and I don’t know why everyone thought it was their place to register their opinions. I don’t particularly care what reason people were using to shut down their fansites, i. Dumbest shit any fandom has ever done in reaction to an idol dating, and this includes the bullshit fans were giving Sungmin for getting married. If people would MYOB none of them would have to be on edge about relationships being exposed.

Now I don’t believe any of them will ever admit to a relationship regardless of what evidence people find.

Pann: Is Sunggyu dating currently? 1. [+78, -5] I’m curious of who Infinite members are going to marry ㅠㅠ I hope their future wives are as kind and well-mannered as the members. I want the wives to be too good for the members ㅠㅠ It all depends on the members but I just want the wives to be good people. Sunggyu’s nose bridge though.

You finish making breakfast for you and Sunggyu, so you walk into your bedroom expecting to find him still asleep. Sunggyu is shirtless and in the process of pulling up his pants. Both of you just stare at each other for a few seconds before you quickly back out of the room and close the door behind you. You are sitting at kitchen table with your head hanging low when Sunggyu walks in. Uh, thank you for making breakfast jagi. Since you and Dongwoo both have the day off you decide to show up at the dorm early to spend some extra time together as a surprise.

Once you enter the dorm you are greeted by the other members who are eating. Sungyeol tells you that Dongwoo is in his room and you can go right in.

Deceiver of Fools – Woogyu – Infinite

History of science and technology in the Indian subcontinent , List of inventions and discoveries of the Indus Valley Civilization , and Timeline of Indian innovation Construction, Civil engineering and Architecture[ edit ] Iron pillar of Delhi: The world’s first iron pillar was the Iron pillar of Delhi—erected at the time of Chandragupta II Vikramaditya — Earliest clear evidence of the origins of the stepwell is found in the Indus Valley Civilization’s archaeological site at Mohenjodaro in Pakistan [3] and Dholavira in India.

Kim Sung-kyu (born April 28, ), referred to as Sunggyu or Sungkyu, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is the leader and main vocalist of South Korean boy band Infinite. In November , Sungkyu began his solo career with his first extended play, Another Me, .

Do you do gif reactions? No, we currently do not do gif reactions. Although, the formatting does change a little when you paste it into a tumblr post. NOOOO ;; aw okays. Would you mind describing his personality for me? I kinda have it down but not fully. Today is your 24th birthday! Another year older, another reason for you to be more loved. I love the person that you were, the way you are now, and I cannot help but to think of how much more exquisite you will be in decades to come.

May you have many more birthdays in counting, my deerest. He would start hanging out with just her a lot as opposed to the big group, so he could get to know her better. It could either be really cute or really awkward, depending on the girl. There would be hope for him if they can communicate easily enough and she shows interest back in him.

INFINITE – The Eye (태풍)

Selama masa trainee Infinite, member-member makan makanan yang sama setiap hari. Infinite punya jadwal latihan dance selama rata-rata 10 jam atau lebih per hari, dan 18 jam selama persiapan comeback. Mereka membeli sebuah jam alarm yang sangat keras, mereka tidak bisa mendengarnya dari beberapa poin karena mereka terlalu lelah. Karena mereka tinggal bersama dan menghabiskan waktu bersama, mereka bahkan tidak perlu melihat ke mata satu sama lain untuk mengetahui apa yang lainnya pikirkan.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu is receiving quite a backlash after his unfortunate choice of words revealed through a BTS video of tvN’s ‘Genius: Rules of the Game’. In the video clip that was uploaded on the.

His hair is naturally curly and frizzy. He likes girls with wavy hair and are innocent. He has a younger brother named Moonsoo, who is two years younger than him. He eats the most out of Infinite. He loves his bamboo pillow. He likes to sleep. He has acted in two dramas: He has a very weird posture. He likes to read Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. When he gets tired, he gets double eyelids. He wanted to be a singer after he had seen a performance by Craig David. He likes to play the guitar.

INFINITE SCANDAL Funny Clip #3: Sungyeol steals Woohyun’s girlfriend