U.S. Amateur champion Doc Redman, runner-up Doug Ghim selected to U.S. Walker Cup team

The revelations come after news broke Thursday that Scarborough, 50, had quietly filed for divorce from his wife of 12 years Susan Waren in September last year. Scarborough is also paying off the couple’s home in Connecticut as well as for their children Kate, 10, and five-year-old Jack’s education. The divorce was kept very quiet as the legal separation papers were filed last year, but news of the spilt was not made public until this week. Susan Waren seen here as a guest has appeared on her husband’s show talking about her charity work The pair are said to still be living together with their children, and allegedly have ‘house rules’ when they are both in their Connecticut home. Neither Scarborough or Waren are allowed to enter each other’s bedrooms, unless there is a problem related to their children, reports TMZ. They also each have their own side of the house, and after 7pm each night they are prohibited from crossing onto the other’s side. No sign of a split: Susan is pictured here on July 18 of this summer, was smiling and still wearing her wedding ring Scarborough has two sons from his first marriage, Joey and Andrew, who are both in their 20s. He has made no public statements about the split.

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In what was intended to probably involve Lawler, and still may, Lawler had been scheduled to headline a TCW TV taping in December at an Arkansas venue, but supposedly someone did not approve of TCW getting clearance in Memphis and Lawler pulled out long before his health scare; Memphis may have already lost their TCW clearance as it was up in the air as of the TV taping, so with a clean bill of health and the way the card turned out, hopefully he will still wrestle for TCW.

TCW held an hour-long Meet and Greet with the wrestlers before the card and virtually every wrestler was available to talk to, including the legendary “Fabulous” Jackie Fargo, who was as entertaining as ever; I asked him if he had talked to Lawler recently and he said he had talked to him Friday and he said he was feeling great. Lawler’s health scare led all the Memphis TV News programs the preceeding Monday night with daily updates during the week and he was on the front page or front section of the Memphis Commercial Appeal daily during the week, so the timing and irony of the taping and its title could not have been more untimely, but the show contained a great night of wrestling.

Here are the results of the TV taping card:

Mechanics Dating Site She is so willing to try. Georgia , a toll road until, was completed in and intended to connect suburban communities north of Atlanta to the city. Dating Daisy Byway begins at the intersection of US and Highway in downtown Rochelle.

Christmas Eve We sat huddled together in the warmest clothes we could find, which were not very warm. The ‘we’ being my sister Vera, who was eleven, my little brother, Roy, and me, a scrawny eight-year-old girl. The fire had gone out in the big kitchen range and the stove had lost all its warmth, all the residue of heat from its last fire. We never had enough fuel to keep a fire burning in it for very long, anyway, and the bitter cold of the New England winter crept in to fill the big kitchen and two bedrooms in which we lived.

Our home was part of an old house which was almost all boarded up. The once beautiful mansion crouched like some bedraggled old crone in the midst of the tenement slums which had grown up around it. When we moved into our place early in the summer, we had loved the big high-ceilinged rooms and enjoyed the feeling of spaciousness, but with the advent of winter, the ‘airy’ had become ‘drafty’. Papa, who was smart enough, and Mama, who must have been pretty once, both worked at whatever jobs were available, but there never seemed to be enough money, so we were often hungry and almost never warm enough.

Vera and I, by mutual though unspoken agreement, usually sacrificed a portion of our food to young Roy’s needs. But today had been one of those hungry days, just about the worst I could remember.

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Phuket Film Festival bags Friday Killers as closing film The second edition of the Phuket Film Festival will close with a bang with the world premiere of Friday Killers, the first in director Yuthlert Sippapak’s planned trilogy of hitman dramas. It’s the first in a trilogy that Yuthlert is producing and directing for release by Phranakorn Film, all with well-known comics paired up with leading ladies.

Here’s the synopsis for Friday Killers: After his release, he learns for the first time he has a daughter Dao Ploy Jindachote — actress played lead role with William Hurt and Cary Elwes in the supernatural thriller Shadows.

Matt Riviera was born on May 18, in Russellville, Arkansas. At the age of 12 after coming across a television program, WCW Worldwide, Matt began his love for Professional wrestling after watching Dick Slater wrestle. Pro wrestling’s blend of physicality and theatrics appealed to him and he soon became passionate about professional nce: Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Boytown At a glance: Benny G Glenn Robbins is a happily married middle-aged man with a 14 year old daughter, and he teaches dance at her high school. But every once in a while, he goes down to his den to stare at the album covers and gold records, and to reminisce about his days of stardom in the boy band Boytown population: Believing that they once again can be stars, and perhaps to make up for breaking up the band all those years ago to pursue a disastrous solo career, he rounds up the former members to pull them away from their day jobs.

Carl Wayne Hope , the one everyone thought was gay, works in construction. Bobby Mac Bob Franklin is a college lecturer.

Brian Pillman

The company would be renamed Professional Wrestling Federation in February after his father, Dusty Rhodes, began wrestling there. Rhodes’ initial WCW run lasted only a few months, as he exited the company two months after his father. He returned to AJPW for a ten and a twenty-day tour in the spring and summer of He left the USWA in the spring of They held the belts for about two months before losing them to Steamboat and Shane Douglas in a memorable match on the November 18 edition of Clash of the Champions.

Windham turned on Rhodes after the match when Rhodes refused to pin Steamboat after an accidental low blow.

Proof that, while The Millionaire Matchmaker is obviously staged within an inch of its botoxed life, Stanger the “third generation matchmaker” still knows how to find love for two sad, empty.

Though Roberts started off light — “I’m killing my gimmick,” he cracked, referring to being in a suit and tie, he turned sober, confessing that the next time that he expected to wear a suit would be at his own funeral. He also admitted that he was ashamed that he had tried to kill himself on a few occasions. However, buoyed by the support of three of his eight children in attendance, his friends and colleagues from the wrestling business, Roberts rose to the occasion at the 48th annual CAC banquet, where he was receiving a Men’s Wrestling award.

But he sees his recent transformation, where he has moved in with his friend Diamond Dallas Page who delivered a great minute introduction and started to turn his life around, losing weight and kicking the habits, as a new start. Or, as he put it in his soft but serious crawl, this stage is “the end of the beginning” and after 40 selfish years in pro wrestling, he hopes to use the next 20 to help other people straighten their own lives out.

From a farm in the Ottawa valley in Ontario, Oreal Parris rose to become one of the top names in pro wrestling history. Copeland was scheduled to receive an award from the CAC in , but was sidelined by neck injury, which would eventually lead to him retiring.

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This has been the case for every set of tapings going back several months, where in the end, either Aroluxe at first, and Billy Corgan of late, have funded the tapings in exchange for ownership. The shows are all written. The talent has tickets for Orlando. The frustration across the board has grown with fingers pointed across the board at Dixie Carter for making a mess of the sale negotiations.

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We kicked our viewing off in an age-old festival tradition: Egoyan, who was so good at intimate family drama in The Sweet Hereafter, seems to have become obsessed with admittedly well-executed scenes of the flesh since throwing a steamy threesome at audiences in Where the Truth Lies, involving Colin Firth and Kevin Bacon, no less! While sex and noir have alway gone hand-in-hand, the greats such as Hitchcock and to a lesser extent, his disciple Brian De Palma understood that the pure cinema of the thriller still had to give audiences just enough credibility to draw them completely in.

One of the things that The Wild Hunt does very well is draw you into its world, much like the reenactments themselves. Although initially frustrating, and a mixture of comedy and madness as Erik tries to penetrate an established world, one soon finds themselves slipping easily into the medieval groove. For the most part, the film does not judge or mock the reenactment world, but rather lets it exist as is.

Sometime hilarious, often thrilling and outright frightening, The Wild Hunt will not be for all tastes, but paints a convincing world that is worth spending some time in.

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David – Describes his perfect day off as diving with whale sharks. Ryan – Says he has left many amazing women in his life primarily because he wanted more women. Francisco – Claims that he can get anyone to like him and that he can sell anything. Alexander – Says he likes girls who talk dirty and those who want to be dominated. Audi – Says he usually dates hot girls that enjoy partying all the time. Garth – Says that what makes him a catch is that he’s fun, always happy and can provide security.

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This is what they had to say. Will Jacobs prevail or will Frankie Thomas superkick him back to Texas? The Smoky Mountain Wrestling website, nwasmokymountain. This one-night tournament is one of the annual highlights on the schedule for any diehard wrestling fan in the Southeast United States. In addition to filming matches for our weekly television program, which airs on Tri-Cities CW4 and Fox43 in Knoxville, a portion of the proceeds from this event will go to benefit the Sullivan Recreation Department.

Richards had his hand raised in that match, but it was an extremely competitive contest and one of the best matches in the entire tournament.

Derek Jeter and girlfriend Hannah Davis enjoy stroll after MLB star retires

Dan Williams b I. October 6, LWA in St. Steve “The Jerk” Off b. Killian White, Tommy Face b.

The couple started dating pretty soon and after being together for more than one year Matt decided to invite his lady love into his life. The story behind how Matt proposed Kasie is pretty interesting too.

With a card featuring talented names like Cheerleader Melissa, Nicole Savoy, Thunder Rosa, Brittany Wonder and many others, it is bound to have a winner at the end of it all. Back and forth action from these ladies, but this got ugly when Shotzi tried to distract Brittany with her bear, but that backfired when Brittany Wonder delivered her finisher while Shotzi was down. Brittany Wonder is the winner of the first round. Physicality And Brutality at its finest. Nakamura will do anything to win this match, even if a few rules needed to be bent a bit.

But with a few moments of momentum from Lace in the 5-minute mark, but Nakamura put a stop to the momentum. The third match featured Datura and Thunder Rosa, featured two very distinctive styles. While Datura is a luchadora through and through, Thunder Rosa is also, but with a few moves she picked up from Japan. At the end of it all, Thunder Rosa picks up the pin and win, which means she moves on to the next round.

While Nicole has the advantage in youth and speed, Melissa has the ultimate advantage when it comes to experience and her moveset is a whole lot better.


She is also known for her work in the political unit of NBC. She also worked at National Journal’s Congress Daily as its reporter. The sweet and lovely lady, Kasie Hunt was born as Kasie S. She has one sister named Carly Hunt.

MATT RIVIERA – Ladies, I’ll make this easy. If you have a professional degree, get paid to make people laugh, are not white, don’t want to rub my belly after each wrestling match, or hate the idea of moving to a town without a Hardees, please leave now.

While attending Miami University in Oxford, Ohio , Pillman played football for the then- Redskins now RedHawks as a defensive tackle where he set records in the “tackles for loss” category. His attempts to make the roster of the Bengals were covered in a series of articles in The Cincinnati Enquirer. Pillman and John Harbaugh , current head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, were roommates and defensive teammates while at Miami.

Their reign lasted until October , when the titles were held up following a controversial ending to a match between Bad Company and their opponents, Jerry Morrow and Makhan Singh. Bad Company defeated Morrow and Singh in a rematch in November to regain the titles, eventually losing them to Morrow and the Cuban Assassin in July He would head to the Continental Wrestling Association in Memphis to continue his career. He was one of the first American wrestlers to incorporate a variety of Mexican lucha libre moves into his arsenal.

Pillman continued the tag team title hunt by forming a tag team with “Stunning” Steve Austin known as the Hollywood Blonds.

NWA Champion Tim Storm on: His Friendship With WWE Champion AJ Styles- The Matt Riviera Show