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However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments. Their main endeavor has been to enforce their compulsory e.

New Year Honours 2015: Full list of awards and recipients

By the time the hospital’s failings were exposed by regulators, in , up to 1, patients had died needlessly between and It happened in simple terms because managers attempted to cut costs and meet Labour’s central targets, so they could achieve the coveted “foundation status” for Mid Staffordshire NHS trust — enforcing job cuts as they tried to succeed. Now a public inquiry, which opened more than two years ago, is attempting to address fundamental two questions.

How was it that the regulatory and supervisory systems which should protect all patients failed so catastrophically — and what is to stop it happening again?

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Stone-paste dish with grape design, Iznik , Turkey , Chinese blue and white ware became extremely popular in the Middle-East from the 14th century, where both Chinese and Islamic types coexisted. Chinese designs were extremely influential with the pottery manufacturers at Iznik , Turkey. The Ming “grape” design in particular was highly popular and was extensively reproduced under the Ottoman Empire.

Chinese blue-and-white ware were copied in Europe from the 16th century, with the faience blue-and-white technique called alla porcelana. Soon after the first experiments to reproduce the material of Chinese blue-and-white porcelain were made with Medici porcelain.


For services to Education. Member of Parliament for Southend West. For political and public service. For services to Policing in the United Kingdom.

Welcome to Britton’s Badges We have over 30 years experience in collecting and more recently selling militaria. We never knowingly sell reproductions or copy’s and have a no quibble returns policy, providing the badge is returned in its original condition.

Here’s the Sea Service Cutlass Crew! Well documented and used mostly by Naval Officers as personal side arms as well as Privateers and Pirates! Well documented in the authoritive “Boarders Away” reference guide. The maker mark on the side of the blade reads HARVEY which was a well-known British Cutler in the family tradition of making swords and cutlasses from the 17th thru 19th centuries. Blade has some very detailed “mystical symbols” popular during the 16th and 17th centuries on blades produced in Europe and in Spain.

Click Here for further more indepth Technical Characteritics, Price, and Information on this specific 17th th century Colonial American cutlass or sword. Above Photograph Illustrates a pre-Revolutionary War British Royal Navy or Colonial American produced naval cutlass with an iron grip and ox bone handle, and triple fullered curved blade, no markings.

Stafford Hospital: the scandal that shamed the NHS

A total of 93 megafauna dates for 15 genera, and archaeological dates on early human appearance, are robust enough to assess correspondence between last-appearance records of megafauna, first-appearance records of humans, and the Younger Dryas to Holocene climatic transition in six different regions of South America. Interesting patterns come to light, but are based on few dates, particularly in northern South America. Accordingly, an assessment of how likely it is that only a few dates will yield the youngest date in an underlying frequency distribution of dates was conducted, by applying probability and bootstrapping analyses to 27 dates on Mylodon from southern Patagonia, 26 of them from a single site.

For that reason, and because even for a taxon with many dates it is likely that the youngest dated specimen pre-dates the actual time of extinction, most of the last-appearance dates are interpreted as recording the last time taxa were abundant on the landscape, rather than extinction per se. Last-appearance patterns for megafauna differ from region to region, but in Patagonia, the Argentine and Uruguayan Pampas, and Brazil, extinctions seem more common after humans arrive and during intensified climatic change between

the sunderland site – page ships built at sunderland in the s.

Share Formerly a duchy and diocese of northwestern Germany, now a part of the Prussian Province of Schleswig-Holstein. In the early Middle Ages the southern part of the peninsula of Jutland was a bone of contention between the Germans and the Danes. When in the fifth century the greater part of the Germanic population had left the region in order to seek a new home in Britain, the Danes or Jutes pushed their way into the country and the part of the Germanic population that had remained behind amalgamated with the new masters.

The Frisians were the only ones to retain their national peculiarities after losing their national independence. About the beginning of the ninth century Charlemagne conquered the southernmost part of the peninsula; he formed the territory on the Eider into a Mark as a protection against the Slavs. As early as his reign Christian missions began to gain a foothold in the region. The first preacher of the Christian faith was the priest Atrebanus, who was a Pupil of Willehad, the first Bishop of Bremen.

Atrebanus founded a mission station among the heathen Dithmarschians, but suffered the death of a martyr during the Saxon revolt in During the reign of Louis the Pious, Archbishop Ebo of Reims the emperor’s confidential friend, re-established the mission, but without great success. About Ebo’s companion, Ansgar the Apostle of the North, erected the first church in the little town of Schleswig; this was soon followed in by the building of the church at Ripen.

These successes of the mission of the Carlovingian period were destroyed during the heathen reaction that followed. Under the vigorous administration of the German king, Henry I, the Mark on the Eider was re-established in , and soon after this Unni, Archbishop of Hamburg, once more took in hand the bringing of the north to Christianity. These dioceses were made suffragans of Bremen.

Paganism, however, regained the supremacy when Harold’s son Sven with the Forked Beard, who had been a viking, returned home in and overthrew his father.


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61 Barry Railway 12 inch Oak cased English fusee railway clock with a spun brass bezel supplied to the Barry Railway circa to by Barry & Sons of Cardiff. The quality English chain driven fusee movement with thick A frame plates that are held together by .

Many Late Pleistocene Chinese megafaunal taxa supposedly survived into the Holocene. Abstract Late Quaternary megafaunal extinction chronologies are poorly understood across eastern and south-east Asia. Previous radiometric studies suggested that surprisingly many extinct Late Pleistocene large mammal species survived into the Holocene in northern China Bos primigenius, Coelodonta antiquitatis, Mammuthus primigenius and southern China Ailuropoda baconi, Crocuta [crocuta] ultima, Megatapirus augustus, Stegodon orientalis, Sus cf.

We critically re-examined all radiometric evidence suggesting Holocene survival of Chinese Late Quaternary megafauna, and conducted new dating of mammal material from reportedly Holocene sites containing characteristically Late Pleistocene faunas. Evidence for Holocene survival of any Chinese Late Pleistocene megafaunal species is weak or untenable.

No previous radiometric dates used to support Holocene megafaunal survival represent direct bone dates for species of interest, and stratigraphic association between material yielding Holocene dates and megafaunal remains is dubious at most sites. Concerns over accurate identification of faunal material further confuse claims for Holocene survival of many species.

Robust radiometric last-occurrence dates for extinct Chinese megafauna are all restricted to the Late Pleistocene, similar to the timing of many other Late Quaternary megafaunal species extinctions elsewhere in Eurasia and the Americas. Previous article in issue.

New Year Honours 2015: Full list of awards and recipients

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

Way Victor (formerly Way Victoria), located near Roundwood, County Wicklow, Ireland, is a remarkable private meditation garden for its black granite sculptures. The 9-hectare property includes a number of small lakes and wooded areas. A plaque at the entrance indicates that the park is dedicated to the cryptographer Alan Turing.

The following items can be found on the The Quartermaster’s Store website , with full descriptions, photographs and prices. These Beach groups were composed of specialist units of the Army, Navy, and R. The naval element was made up of R. Recovery Section and Pioneer Companies. Beach groups first operated in the landings in Sicily. On 6th June , D Day, on the Normandy beaches beach-group troops landed with the assault troops and distinguished themselves in the establishment and maintenance of the beachhead.

Both badges are in a nice issued and removed from uniform. Minor toning to silver finish. Worn in the Persian Gulf – Each is circa 5cm across.

Stafford Hospital: the scandal that shamed the NHS

Stone-paste dish with grape design, Iznik , Turkey , Chinese blue and white ware became extremely popular in the Middle-East from the 14th century, where both Chinese and Islamic types coexisted. Chinese designs were extremely influential with the pottery manufacturers at Iznik , Turkey. The Ming “grape” design in particular was highly popular and was extensively reproduced under the Ottoman Empire. Chinese blue-and-white ware were copied in Europe from the 16th century, with the faience blue-and-white technique called alla porcelana.

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It is small to medium with smooth, greenish-yellow skin overlaid with light red, but becoming much darker red when exposed to the sun. Greenish-white flesh is tender, crisp, juicy and somewhat coarse in texture. Ripens September to October and keeps until January or later. There is slight russeting. It is crisp, juicy and very sweet. Tree is annual bearer and tolerant to rust. Early midseason Milwaukee — Russian, Yellow, red striped, Excellent keeper. Good for cooking and cider.

Bears annually and produces at a young age. The history of the apple is very confusing but it is known it was first exhibited before the Illinois Horticultural Society around this period by Mr. The apple is medium-sized and uniform in shape.


Picking up eight months after Mary Dhavernas and Des Short framed Grady Greg Bryk for the deaths of their patients, Des is happy to reteam with Mary following his stint in prison, but Mary questions whether she was better off fighting the good fight without him. As they dive deeper and darker into their illegal work, a mysterious woman, Olivia Bloom Lefevre , comes to them with a deadly request, unleashing a chain of events that unfolds throughout the season.

Mary’s personal and professional lives come to a head when Ben Ryan returns, knee-deep in a complicated undercover case. Ben’s investigation will collide with Mary’s criminal descent, forcing Mary to decide whether to come clean once and for all.

A website dedicated to California prehistory, including news of the profession as well as research papers and other information.

New River Valley History: Welcome and we hope you join the discussions. On January 21, we switched in the last of the updated files and final page revisions. In January we introduced the new site layout but because there were many pages left to do there was a big red Under Construction on the front page. A year later we’ve finished all of the pages that were on the original site. We have a great looking site full of material to help you in your research and possibly entertain you.

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Supposedly, according to myth and legend, they taught our ancestors the rudiments of civilization. According to the ancients, without their assistance there would be no modern civilization today. In the early s German archaeologist, the late Professor Klaus Schmidt, discovered a site which has started a revolution in our understanding of the human past. Until this time the Sumerian civilization was considered the oldest civilization, the first to develop architecture, agriculture, writing etc.

The Sumerian civilization dates to around 3, B.

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With Maple Leaf top. Age dulled Gold Wire on black felt with black cloth backing. With Maple Leaf at top. Paper strip with name included. Red and black thread design on black felt, with black cloth backing. New condition, not worn. Dull red cloth backing to Crown. Heavy well made high quality badge. Control WS British Army:

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